I’m proud to be a Miller Heiman Sales Consultant.  I have been using their methodologies for over 25 years…I often feel that I haven’t drunk the Kool-Aid so much as having marinated in it.  I’m certified to deliver just about every sales performance methodology and skills course in the wider offering since merging with Huthwaite and Achieve Global… and believe in them all.

Miller Heiman Group has assembled the most comprehensive set of tools for sales leaders:

  • Talent Assessment
    Sales Strategy and Playbook Development
  • Leveraging Research and Analytics
  • Managing Channel Partnerships
  • Customer Service

You can access Miller Heiman/MHI Global’s Website –or contact me – to learn more about these world-class capabilities.

I’ve also been blessed to have had experiences which augment these powerful tools perfectly.  Tools which build mastery of the base training, and provide effective ties to other parts of client organizations:  Sales/Marketing alignment, Customer/Product development alignment, and more.

There are a variety of tools which I use and some which I’ve developed, but all of them have a common theme:

Implementing disciplines to relentlessly focus everyone in the company on delivering and deeply understanding customer value.

I know that “customer value” is a buzzword.  Here’s the difference Deep understanding of customer value is astoundingly rare.  Even more astounding once one considers how powerfully value discipline can change corporate performance. This powerful change in focus has become my passion with my clients.

Many alumni of Strategic Selling, Conceptual Selling, and SPIN have internalized terms like  Wins-Results, Concept, and Implication questions.  Value discipline takes a critical next step.  It takes sales professionals from “So What” to “What’s the Value”.  A few colleagues have told me that “once my client sales people get really good at SS, CS, and/or SPIN, the high performers should eventually be doing what your Full-Value Selling teaches,” They love that Full-Value Selling gives them a way to get all of the client’s sales people to do it, not just the high performers, and not just “once they figure it out for themselves”.

Think of it this way:  Miller Heiman Group’s “Be Ready” plus my Full-Value Discipline allows my clients to “Be Great”.

Ask questions or comment below, or contact me directly to learn more about Value Discipline and how it can grow your company.

To your success!

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