Client Aspirations

We’ve described typical achievement levels in several key areas of your organization, which are indicators of how value focused you are. Answer which description most closely resembles your organization. Ultimately, your score isn’t as important as the discussions these questions spur…regardless of whether you contact us to join those discussions or not.

Aligning the Organization Around Customer Value

Your entire company – not just a department or two — needs to be aligned. The core within “Customer focus” companies should align around is “customer-perceived value”.

Good Organizational Alignment

▸ Sales and Marketing Alignment.
▸ Sales Operations, Sales Management,
Sales Enablement.

Great Organizational Alignment

▸ Customer Experience
Aligned Channel Partners
▸ Sales-aligned marketing stack
(customer journey)
▸ Value-driven lead scoring

Elite Organizational Alignment

▸ All customer-facing roles
are “value scouts”
▸ Single value score from cradle to grave…or marketing scorecards that flow into sales opportunity scorecards

Value-Focused Selling Culture

The more clearly your sales system is designed to build customer value, the more effective it is. Value is what moves the customer journey, from clicking a link on your website, to agreeing to a sales meeting, to deciding to abandon status quo in favor of your offer.

Good Sales Culture

▸ Sales process & methodology,
including playbooks
▸ Call planning

Great Sales Culture

▸ Interdepartmental hand-offs
retain value insights
▸ Executive selling

Elite Sales Culture

▸ Value-building conversations
inform everything
▸ Value-based negotiation
▸ Value based pricing
▸ Pricing exception system
▸ Business acumen: better
understanding of customer world

Value-Focus: Enabling the Culture

Enablement is anything that develops your people’s selling culture. Sales enablement traditionally encompasses training, coaching, and various types of content and selling tools. As an entire company becomes aligned around customer value, enablement migrates beyond just sales.

Good Enablement Culture

▸ Pre-hire assessments
▸ Basic coaching (train & coast)

Great Enablement Culture

▸ Train-to-behavior change,
not train & coast.
▸ Elite coaching
▸ Systematic coaching cadence

Elite Enablement Culture

▸ Value analytics inform everything:
innovation, marketing, services, etc.
▸ Value-based forecasting
▸ Value-driven product training
▸ Coaching effectiveness & analytics
▸ Continuous improvement culture

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