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Meet Mark Boundy

Your customers don’t want to buy your products or services. They buy their own outcomes for their own reasons.  They want everyone from your organization who touches them to be a valued expert in their business.  If you can add to their business, they are happy to multiply yours.

Business builder, Sales leader, author, coach, consultant, teacher…Chief Clarity Officer…Mark Boundy has grown businesses in a variety of industries by virtue of his relentless focus on uncovering customer value and delivering high-value results.

While at W.L. Gore & Associates, Mark began weaving a focus on customer value into Miller Heiman’s complex selling methodologies .  This combination grew one of that company’s most competition-threatened products by twenty percent/year…every year…while increasing margins and profits.

Then, at Lucent Technologies.  Mark applied his customer-value approach; pivoting the world’s first carrier-class VoIP product away from a cost-saving to a platform for delivering applications which had never existed: virtual call centers, virtual office presence — even the first product roadmap for Unified Communications platforms, and being awarded a patent for a multimedia conferencing.

Switching to Commercial Finance, he ultimately found his way to GE Capital.  Instead of simply selling money–the ultimate commodity, Mark learned each customer’s businesses, in order to deliver unique value to each, with decidedly non-commodity pricing.  Mark’s client portfolio was in the top 5% in top-line revenue, while also in the top 5% for profitability.

New Opportunities in the “New Normal” for Domestic Suppliers

Every business in the world has been bombarded with changes. Most headlines emphasize the bad ones, and I don’t want to minimize them. However, there are some significant opportunities among the wreckage. It’s time to think about how to capitalize.

The Most Important Part of Sales is the Least Taught, Coached & Practiced

Every sales performance expert learns that adding rigor and process to average selling improves results.  Not nearly as many know that rigor and process won’t accomplish the most important thing.  The detail / rigor that methodology adds often...

The Time Value of Selling Value

You are probably aware of the time value of money, but did you know that there is also a time value of selling value? In the finance world, when someone talks about the time value of money, they mean that a dollar received now is worth more than a dollar received...

The “Power Seven” Components of Elite Funnel Management

Companies must excel in managing their sales funnel at all levels. From salesperson self-diagnosis, to sales management one-on-ones, to executive funnel meetings, funnel management is key to understanding the health of the business.  Ultimately, high-performing sales...

Five Reasons Your Salespeople Aren’t Good In the C-Suite

If your well-trained salespeople are having trouble getting into -- then being effective in -- the C-suite, you aren’t alone. It’s pretty common. There are a couple main reasons, some of which are easier to correct than others. I’ve been in the sales performance...

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