Radical Value: Elevate Your Company—And Career—by Unleashing the Power Inside Customer Centricity

Author Mark Boundy

Radical Value

Elevate Your Company—And Career—by Unleasing the Power Within Customer Centricity

We all want to be customer-focused, or customer centric…but most of us have struggled with how vague that term is, and how hard it is to measure success. Radical Value reveals that what you are really looking for at the core of customer centricity is to focus on customer-perceived value. Value can be measured in real time, tracked, coached and executed against.

Perceived value powers every customer decision: deciding to click on a link, agreeing to a sales call…to making a purchase. And the purpose of every company is to provide more value for customers than it cost them to produce. There is radical simplicity – and radical power – in examining all your company does through the lens of customer value.

When you focus your entire company — in radical depth and breadth —on value, you’ll uncover more winnable opportunities, win more business, and deepen customer relationships…all at more profitable win-win pricing.

Radical Value doesn’t stop at high-level theory, but provides intuitive, easy-to-implement tools that should integrate into your existing systems and workflows.

What Some of the Readers Think

“Has specialization hurt customer focus? Has the big picture been lost by narrow divisions of labor? Do you have team members who say, “Sales is not my job!”? Mark Boundy skillfully tackles this ubiquitous challenge by prescribing a return to basic business principles. Radical Value is a guide book for any company serious about aligning their work force with the goals and expectations of their customers.”
—Michael Houlihan, Founder of Barefoot Wine, New York Times Bestselling Author, and Workplace Culture Expert

  “As every business goes through massive changes, salespeople need to engage buyers in a new type of value-centric conversation harnessing personal psychology and value economics to drive the decision making process. The book strength comes from the author’s willingness to make a strong case for demolishing silos and creating a culture where commitment to radical value leads to excellence and market dominance. This books is a must read for any.”
—Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder and CEO of Selling Power Magazine, Sales 3.0 Conferences, MindsetScience,
and Founding member of the Sales Enablement Society. CEO, CSO, VP sales and sales enablement leader.

“If you are a serious salesperson or marketer, you’ll enrich your career by reading Mark’s professional sales book! You’ll learn so much to help you close more sales, and marketers will discover how to apply Mark’s value-based, customer-centric approach to messaging that Sales needs. Mark has written a book you will refer to for years to come.”
—Dr. Gary Witt, Marketing Psychology Group, and Professor of Marketing

“Your company exists to create value. What a radical idea. It’s so simple, yet so true. Radical Value drives this home, showing how every department, every person, inside your company contributes to the value your customers perceive. You must apply this simple premise to yourself. You should apply it to your entire company. Mark Boundy does a fantastic job showing how to be more successful, just by focusing on value.”
—Mark Stiving, Ph.D., Chief Pricing Educator, Impact Pricing LLC.
Author of Impact Pricing: Your Blueprint for Driving Profits – 2011, Host of the Impact Pricing Podcast

“There are literally dozens if not hundreds of books on value, value selling, and the like. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this is just “one of many” and therefore worth passing by. Mark works from high level concepts down to implementation level details through the single most important aspects of a focus on value: how it is defined, measured, and experienced by the customer – and in many cases the individual within the customer.  This makes the book practical, actionable, and ok…valuable! Well done, Mark, for bringing the industry what we need most right now.”
—Rich Blakeman, Managing Director, The Cleaver Group. Former Sales Vice President, Miller Heiman

Customer service is the epicenter for any business; however, it’s more than just how to provide the best service. It’s about providing value for your customers. These two concepts should go hand in hand and Mark’s book reinforces that principle. It’s a win-win for both customers and companies. What are you waiting for? Read this book!”
—Jeffrey Hayzlett, Primetime TV & Podcast Host, Speaker, Author and Part-Time Cowboy

“If you want to transform your organization, use the “Radical Value” approach with your team. Creating cultural outcomes that employees connect to will inspire your people to get into the heart & mind of your customer. Organizations that understand their customers, will get it right, every time.”
—Jacqueline Jasionowski, Founder and CEO of Shift Awake Group. Former Customer Experience Sales Manager, BMW Group

“Radical Value by Mark Boundy provides a playbook for aligning and equipping Organizations to build meaningful Customer relationships that achieve improved, sustainable financial results. Getting everyone who touches the Customer to truly understand Customers buy outcomes and not the products or services we think we are selling them sounds simple, but in practice is a big departure from where most of us have our enterprises positioned today. These outcomes are personal and unique to our Customer’s specific situation. A cookie-cutter approach to pricing means we are missing the point of truly helping our Customers achieve their desired outcomes, and we miss establishing proper value for our offering. In Radical Value, Boundy generously provides us the tools and concepts for success and helps us understand it takes Organizational commitment to truly maximize our results. We learn it requires understanding the whole picture, not just cherry picking along the way. For sure we will be better Marketers if we only start thinking about the value we provide in terms of Customer Outcomes, but we won’t truly build deep, powerful business relationships with our Customers or have a radical impact on our Company’s long term, sustainable profitability until we understand those outcomes are as the Customer perceives them – not what we tell them they are, and our value is solely dependent on how strongly the Customer desires to achieve their perceived outcome our offering provides.

The concepts and process outlined in Radical Value help us understand the whole picture. If we use the book as a road map for growth, we will see the journey involves changing our thinking about how value is perceived by our Customer, teaching our Sales & Marketing teams to be experts at gathering data, understanding the personal and business drivers motivating our Customer’s decisions and developing our options well before even discussing price. In short, it’s an exceptional resource for understanding where to lead our teams and how to equip them to build deep, meaningful Customer relationships that will positively impact our Customer’s results and our own.”
—Steve Sundberg, President & CEO, MedTorque

“One of the hidden ‘arts’ of selling strategically and impactfully is the exploration, understanding and delivery of VALUE. In ‘Radical Value’, Mark Boundy delivers all the perspective you need on how to decipher and deliver value to your clients and position yourself as their trusted resource. Mark himself is THE thought leader on value in all aspects of sales and positioning and if you aren’t following him, you absolutely need to. If you are serious about energizing your sales ‘game’, I highly recommend you reading and absorbing the invaluable content in ‘Radical Value’.”
Joe Beck, Founder, The Sales Activist

“To thrive in business, we need to become constant disruptors and reject the status quo in order to continue to deliver on the mission, vision, and values driving our success and impact. Providing value that is customer-centric is critical to achieving the necessary balance between people and profits. Mark Boundy’s book sheds new light in revealing leadership values, conscious capitalism, and performance and shareholder value as complementary concepts, not competing ones.”
—Tricia Benn – General Manager, The Hero Club, Executive Vice-President, C-Suite Network, disruptor, and agent of change.

“I can heavily recommend Mark’s book as he is a passionate and expert in value selling and pricing. He brings value selling and cross functional interactions within the company and the customers together with a versatile approach/process that will lead to higher conversion rate translating in higher buying rates and higher profitability.”
—Dr. Steve Laborda, Expert, Coach, and Speaker in Value Selling.  Former Director of Corporate Programs, Kemira

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